I wanted to make something fun, and active while so many of us are stuck at home. I wanted it to be appealing to the whole family, and make the screen the focus of the experience. Finally, I was interested in using the Motion API provided with the new Echo 10 to demonstrate how the screen could dynamically change as the user moves and Alexa follows along.

What it does

Dance Workout offers a series of one-minute dance workouts the user can select with their voice, or touch the screen.

How I built it

I build a series of voice and audio assets that went into the creation of the APL and APLA templates for each workout. Once that was done, creating the interaction model and serving the responses was pretty easy.

Challenges I ran into

I felt like I was really pushing the boundaries using video. Some of the renderings looked different on the similator.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I think the mix of audio and video to create an interactive experience is something I'm most proud of.

What I learned

I learned that APLA is one of the best features to come from the Alexa team lately. I don't think I'll ever create a skill without using it. The production quality of the skill rises tremendously when you're able to mix different audio elements at runtime!

What's next for Dance Workout

I want to add many more dance routines, and possibly branch out into other workouts beside dance.

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