A program that generates dance programmes for a dance school. The program takes into account the availability of the dancers, as they need time to change outfits between dances. Data about dancers, dance groups, and the dances they perform are imported from .csv files.

Task 1 - List All Dancers in a Dance

The user specifies the name of a dance, and the program will list all the dancers and dance groups that perform in the dance.

Task 2 - List all Dance and their Respective Dancers

Produce a full list of every dance and its corresponding dancers.

Task 3 - Check the Feasibility of a Given Running Order

A proposed running order of dances is imported from a .csv file, and the user specifies how long it will take for dancers to change costumes (one gap is the length of a single dance). If there is not enough time between dances for the dancers to change, then the running order is not feasible.

Task 4 - Generate a Running Order

The user specifies how long it takes for dancers to change costume, and a running order is generated, in which dances that have the same dancers are spaced out in the schedule to ensure that dancers have enough time to change costumes. The user is informed if a feasible running order does not exist.


This project was part of the 'Data Structures and Algorithms with Java' module of our degree programme, and received a grade of 74%.

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