Thank you very much for this hackaton. It really motivated me to push my limits. Although I heard of it just one week ago and had only 2 days to work on the app (and a few other ideas that I unfortunately couldn't complete in time), I like to submit "DANCE OFF" for this hackaton.


Many people like dancing. So do I (passive ;-) ). That's why I wanted to make an app where people can control a dancing character before, but actually wasn't skilled enough. Now thanks to this opportunity I finally created this dance app. Using the IMVU Avatar of the user helps to make DANCE OFF a personalized experience.

How does "DANCE OFF" work

Users can dance with their avatar to various songs and vote for the best dance. The player has to select a song and dance to it with his avatar. He can move his character with different dance moves and be creative with them by touching and dragging on the screen. Users can record their dance and once they are happy with it upload it for others to watch, vote and comment. The best voted dances are the first on the leader board and might later on even win prices.

How is the IMVU api involved

  • IMVU provides a personalized character of the user that he dances with. This helps to bring more personality to the different dances users can rate and comment.
  • Users can also take snapshots of the dancing character and save it in their IMVU pictures folder.

Outlook - what to expect

Unfortunately the time (2 days) was to limited to make all the features I wanted in the app happen. For me this was unfortunately more like a real world hackaton with very limited time. However, if this app should be considered for winning a prize I would be happy (and financially able) to invest my time in finishing the game with all whats needed (upload, sharing, rating, different dancefloors, coop-mode?) and create more music for it.

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