Persona : Teenager / young adult / break-dancer. Finds great joy in getting complicated combination right after working hard at it. Never gets bored because they know there is always room to improve.

Problem: Dancers often feel the need to perform their new dance moves (i.e. the headspin, windmill, deadman float) on stage. Right now, there is no website for dancers to compete in virtual dancing competitions.

Solution: Dance-off is a website that will allow dancers to compete with other dancers in a live streaming video. The video can be streamed and shared with their friends and a wide audience. Live viewers can participate by voting for the winner of the dance-off and participants can get instant feedback based on the fist bump count. This website will help dancers feel rewarded since they can show off complicated dance moves that they just perfected to a wider audience.

Additional information:

  • Once user hits record, users will get a countdown before their camera starts recording a live video. The same random song will start playing for the participants to start free styling to.
  • Viewers can click 'poop' emoji to dislike a video and 'fist pump' emoji to like a video.
  • Winner of dance-off is based on count of fist pumps

Future implementations:

  • Post to Facebook to engage friends in the vote
  • Winner wins metal avatars and the users with the most avatars will be promoted as the most talented dancer. Their videos will be shown on the homepage.

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