What it does

Uses motion detection software to measure the kinetic levels of dancers in the room. Then, it chooses an appropriate volume for the energy levels of the room.

How we built it

Travis Cramer interacted with the Spotify API with Python using spotipy and Justin Tennant used the opensource motion detection library OpenPose to detect and measure people's arm movements. Then, we put together a Virtual Machine using the Google Cloud Platform to host a makeshift web server that allows us to live stream our video and music online to the world.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a lot of problems working with various datatypes in OpenPose. We were originally planning to use some python bindings for the OpenPose library (which is written in C++), but couldn't manage to get them to work. So, we went ahead and dived into the C++ files in OpenPose.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our arm gestures are controlling our Spotify music in real time. All we need is a webcam.

What we learned

Travis learned a lot about virtual machines. Justin learned about Google Cloud and how to set up a streaming server.

What's next for Dance Hack

Dance Hack will have a fully-functioning web app that allows people to use their own webcams to control their own Spotify accounts. We even want our DJ to be able to choose specific tracks that the "room" will enjoy.

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