Breast Cancer Awareness is an important concept year round, but especially in the fall. Families typically get "Pinked Out" for football games, and wear Pink Awareness gear proudly to school and work. This year is different. We need technology to help spread the word! A World AR experience focusing on dance and user stories is a great way to spread the Breast Cancer Awareness message and have fun doing it!

What it does

Dance! for Awareness is a world AR effect in support of breast cancer awareness. Users place an inspirational message and a large pink ribbon into their scene using plane tracking. When recording begins, the Pink Ribbon comes to life with moves of it's own! Users dance along with the ribbon in a viral "dance off". The ribbon also responds to microphone input, and can act as a "puppet".

For an extra treat, a slider controls a color filter that makes PINK gear POP!

How I built it

Plane tracking - The "World Object" template provided a quick and easy start to plane tracking.

Is that ribbon Dancing? - The ribbon uses both the power meter patch and the audio analyzer patch to synchronize movement to the music. The audio patches drive rotation and translation transforms on the ribbon. The drop shadow is also synchronized to the ribbon's movement using scale transforms.

Selective Color Filter - A Native UI slider controls the amount of desaturation to apply to colors outside of PINK. The processing is done using a custom render pipeline using multiple scene render passes.

Select a phrase - A Native UI picker allows users to select from eight different impactful quotes

Challenges I ran into

All of the examples I have seen for Custom render pipelines are for camera effects, not world effects. It took a bit of playing around with multiple render passes to get the camera feed and 3D objects to display correctly after adding custom render path.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The motion of the ribbon is unexpectedly fun and engaging. You never quite know how it will react to a different songs, but the motions synchronize well. This took a lot of tweaking while listening to different songs/genres.

What I learned

This was my first Spark AR effect, so I learned ALOT!!! I am impressed with the capabilities of the patch editor, and the fact that little to no code is required. I am excited to continue building effects.

What's next for Dance! for Awareness

I hope to launch the Effect in time for Breast Cancer Awareness month in October.

Built With

  • animations
  • audioanalyzer
  • colorextractionlut
  • patches
  • renderpasses
  • sparkar
  • worldar
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