Everyone wants to play his/her own music during a party, but it's such a pain when no one can agree on what music to play. With Dance Floor Democracy, party goers can dance for their rights for a specific genre of music!! The harder you dance, the more data Microsoft Band will receive, and the higher odds you'll have at winning the genre at your choice! Let the party begin.

What it does

The Microsoft Band retrieves the user data (heart-race, calories) and sends it to the app. The "DJ" will be playing the music form his/her device. The "users" will then dance and compete for the points. The more the dancers' move, the higher their points will be! At every regular interval, the music will change to reflect the winning dancer's choice in genre.

How I built it

Native Android Studio Application, with a Ruby on Rails RESTful call. Utilizes Microsoft Band SDK.

What's next for Dance Floor Democracy


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