Some people play DDR religiously. It's their primary form of exercise, and they train to get good.

Unfortunately, DDR has a huge barrier to entry! A DDR machine costs 15000 dollars, plus maintenance and shipping. This project, brilliantly titled Dance Dance Revolution™ but with Computer Vision, gives you a DDR experience with nothing but your webcam, computer and a monitor!

This is super high impact!

How built?

  1. Spend an hour looking for something to use as the "pad" and do some arts and crafts with some flyers.
  2. Use elastic bands to tie some blue stuff to your feet
  3. Spend two hours to write less than 100 lines of crappy code that's accurate enough™
  4. Realize that your CV gets confused if you stand in the middle, so you have to stand behind your squares
  5. Cry because you can't get StepMania to work because it interprets raw events that precede even keyboard layouts and you don't know how to simulate those. Use osu or intralism instead.
  6. Play the game, and hit each square like 0.25 seconds ahead of time because it's too slow
  7. Fail all the levels because your camera reverses the image, causing left and right to be flipped
  8. Cry because your back hurts because you have to look at the screen somehow
  9. Cry because your abs hurt trying to sit up and move your feet
  10. Realize it would never work for rhythm games anyway because 24fps is not enough fps
  11. Don't win anything even though your project was clearly the most popular
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