What it does

Adding movement and dance to programming to appeal to a wider range of children and students

How we built it

UX & Data flow

  1. Users interact with gestures and voice
  2. Uses machine learning to learn new gestures & recognise previously trained gestures
  3. Translate to pseudocode
  • Design: Figma
  • Frontend: React & Redux, Material UI
  • Backend: Python Flask REST API
  • Machine Learning: Tensorflow & Keras
  • Deployment: Google Cloud
  • APIs: Codemirror, Google NLP

Challenges we ran into

Deployment on cloud, a lot of data processing, cleaning, building efficient ML pipeline.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Dance Dance Convolution


  • peer-programming (web sockets)
  • input by voice commands** (NLP)
  • gaze inference => no more need for mouse!
  • Compile to various languages

Userbase for pilot project

  • schools at all levels, from kindergarten to university
  • khan academy
  • girlswhocode
  • Africa Code Week

Tech assistance & funding

  • 1517 / Thiel Fellowship
  • ycombinator
  • tensorflow partners
  • Western University

Built With

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