Unsure. Thought of it earlier in the week and then decided to buy the dance mat.

What it does

I wrote a development environment that lets you program using Hy with a Dance Mat. I also implemented running shell commands and using BF in a different script.

I've also implemented a basic web UI, but not quite at the stage I wanted it to be.

How I built it

Built using standard python with the the library inputs being used to read the dance mat and Hy as the programming environment.

Getting the dance mat working was fairly easy as it was treated like a standard game controller by Linux laptop.

Web UI was built using Pure Javascript, talking over websockets.

Challenges I ran into

Mostly challenge free, but due to rapidly changing the project my code got pretty unmaintainable.

Needed more time to work on the Web frontend.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Playing with some really weird hardware.

What's next for Dance Dance Codelution!

Improving the predictive text, better UI for the Web App.

Built With

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