I love developing Apps in Magic Leap and have a Magic Leap One AR MR XR VR Headset and Body Computer. I have been creating apps with Unity 3D, C# and the Magic Leap Remote Server Simulator and Magic Leap Package Manager Lumin OS SDK.

I want to create an App for their App store and we all love to dance and want to learn how to dance, so I want to create at the Hackathon Dance Craze Magic Leap App where you learn how to dance Salsa, Samba, Hip-Hop and Break Dance from life-sized Holographic Dance Instructors in your room!

What it does

This app let's the user choose a dance instructor and choose what dance style you want to learn. They can pick Salsa, Hip-Hop and Break Dancing!

How I built it

To be built with Unity 3D, C# and Magic Leap Lumin OS SDK MPK Apps deployed to Magic Leap One device.

Challenges I ran into

Adding more coding features, can get a bit complex.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I won the first AT&T Create-A-Thon in Los Angeles for film with best use of emerging technologies using Magic Leap One for filming and app creation.

What I learned

I love creating and coding on Magic Leap and creating 3D Apps!


To get funding and build out, market and sell the app in the Magic Leap App Store.

Built With

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