We were thinking about the kind of videos most people make on Instagram reels and realized that most of them are related to dances and lip-syncing. We then thought how can we make that specific experience more fun and enjoyable for the creators and came to the decision for a dance challenge. It was hard to think about how we could implement such a challenge in AR. Then one of our team members recalled a fun arcade dance game which then we decided to recreate as an AR effect.

What it does

Dance Challenge is an AR effect specially made for Instagram reels creators to accomplish a fun dancing challenge. When the user starts recording, the effect first shows a countdown to let the user get ready, then it randomly shows several simple dance steps for a few seconds that the user needs to remember and then repeat correctly in its respective order.

How we built it

We started developing the filter by first creating the disco-like effect using segmentation and artificial lighting. We wanted to create a virtual dance environment and disco lighting was the best idea, it was also something that people were missing because of the pandemic. Once that part of the effect was over we moved into the actual challenge interactions using the patch editor. This including showing the countdown when the user starts recording, showing a random dance step for a few seconds, and then hiding everything so that the user can record themselves repeating the moves.

Challenges we ran into

All 3 of us in the team are from slightly different technical backgrounds. It was a challenge to combine all of our skills to create an AR effect to bring about a fun experience

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This hackathon helped the 3 of us team members to work together for the first time on a project. We are proud of the way it turned out and helped us improve our skills

What we learned

We had limited experience in creating World AR effects using Spark. This hackathon motivated us to learn how good experiences can be created using the back camera and helped us learn a new skill.

What's next for Dance Step Challenge

We are still polishing up our project. After publishing if we see it getting traction then we would like to add more steps and slowly make the experience better and challenging by increasing speed and beyond. If we win this competition then we would like the invest the prize money into making this project more complex by adding pose estimation using Machine Learning so we could validate the user's steps and reward them accordingly

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