Our team is a big fan of dancing. We loved all the new trends that were emerging on the internet from viral tik tok dance challenges to professionals sharing their amazing choreography. We wanted to create a World Effect that would encourage us to dance a lil more with our friends and capture memories.

Because of COVID-19 we understand that we have to remain physically distant, but we know that this World AR effect can work from the distance while we dance with our friends and loved ones.

Dancing and physically moving is a great way to improve health, especially while we need to remain six feet apart. Our filter supports social distancing efforts to flatten the COVID-19 curve, while promoting health and exercise in a fun and easy manner.

What it does

This effect records people dancing along to our Dance Bot. The recorded video can then be shared online and encourage others to try our Dance Bot challenge. There are a variety of different dances in our filter so users can have fun dancing to each one.

Our filter requires a minimum of two people to be used. One person is holding the camera to record while they read out the dance instructions to the person being filmed while dancing. This allows people to connect and engage with each other while being active and healthy. We encourage users who are not quarantined together to dance with Dance Bot six feet apart.

How we built it

We used Spark AR to create the filter and Blender to create and animate Dance Bot. Spark AR is great as it allows an easy and accessible way for users to be able to try our filter.

Challenges we ran into

This was the first time either of us had used Spark AR to this capacity. We had to learn how filters were made from new concepts like textures and materials. The time duration of this hackathon gave us time to learn so we could build Dance Bot.

Some challenges we ran into were learning how to use patches, exporting Blender elements (especially to meet file size requirements!), and learning how to design a user's experience with AR.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of being able to build Dance Bot. We're proud of being able to share it with our friends and now the world on Instagram. We hope people have fun dancing along with our Dance Bot!

What we learned

We learned more about 3D modeling and animation concepts like rigging and textures. We learned more about how we could use Spark AR to build filters, and we're excited to continue building and sharing filters. Spark AR is an amazing tool, and it's really cool to see how it can be used to create AR effects that can be shared and accessed by anyone with a phone and an Instagram account.

What's next for Dance Bot

We'd love to add more dances and interactions. We're thinking of adding dances based on different cultures and regions, as well as make the dances more inclusive by taking into account different physical abilities (ie users in wheelchairs).

We hope to see people engaging and dancing with Dance Bot and would love to go viral, #DanceBotChallenge anyone?


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