Many youth people their parents don't have enough money to send to school, this solution will help them aquire any kind of course and skill they need to survive, and also help become who they want to become.

What it does

Danachon is a software solution, aimed at revolutionizing education in Africa. It is focused on improving the quality of learning in Africa. Danachon enables users to take courses of their choice or related courses online. It gives it's users that classroom experience without actually having to be in class. Which we hope to improve our education system. Danachon also has a section that enables users to learn skills of their choice online at their own convenience and pace. We hope it would also help students in their career decision and in their tertiary institution choices which we all know is a big milestone in every individual's life. It's aimed at showcasing how wonderful our education system in Nigeria and Africa in general, and showcase the areas that need to be improved on.

How we built it

we built with php on the server side and also php for the database, we did use nexmo api for user authentication, we also used html, css, javascript, mysqli, sql

Challenges we ran into

Hosting the web application on linode was one of the problem we had, and also the idea was also an issue, because we all have to agree to one idea, we talk, talk, talk and talk before we could agree on this idea that we all built. Also integrating nexmo Api's, was a challenge too.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

 Hosting on Linode is an accomplishment that we're proud of, we hosted and also bought the domain from whois, and learning how to consume api's was also an accomplishment that we're proud of.

What we learned

We learn't a lot, On behalf of my teammate we're are saying thank you naijahacks for putting up this kind of hackathon, Naijahacks brought people from different ethnic background together to work on a solution. Working and learning together was something we all enjoyed, and we learn from each other. We also learned how all hosting works, and how Nameservers, Domain, WHM, whois servers works. This is a great experience that we can't forget, This is a life changing Experince, Thank you NaijaHacks God Will Reward All Involved .

What's next for Danachon

A lot of ideas comes to our mind when we think of helping the youths through education, Danachon will also help reward lecturer for their quality research, and also help showcase our youth skill and talents.

Danachon is the combination of our names



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