Many virtual YouTubers appear in recently years. Music and dance are one of the popular content. But it is difficult for most people to make MV like using Miku Miku Dance. So we would make an app so most people would use it easily.

We also make one in PC/Mac. So we are confident that we would make this product right.

What it does

DAN☆SING! is an app to help you create music video with your avatar with few clicks. It supports Bitmoji 3D avatar and VRM avatar import. You would also load your own music. The stage will also react with the music. There are 10 preload dance motions now. Users would switch between them.

The app would also provide AR mode. So users would place their avatars in real world and make them dance.

How we built it

By Unity

Challenges we ran into

We use a lot of time to maintain acceptable frame rate for multiple avatars dancing together in mobile devices and design the good UX for camera movement control in touch screen

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Multiple avatars dance together and keep acceptable frame rate

What we learned

Bitmoji SDK integration and different virtual avatar format import

What's next for Dan Sing Sing MV Maker

Dance motion import Dancing with other Snapchat users More pre-built stages

Built With

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