Our friend Dan left PennApps on Friday night after being here for under an hour. We were devastated. Our original project idea was floundering and he wasn't there to talk to about it. However, after the Namecheap representatives convinced us to get our (FREE) domain name, we realized we could use to express our feeling of regret to Dan.

What it does

It's a webpage. If you ever need to express your disapproval to anyone, direct them to this page where at least 22 people and a cat will help you get the message across. The mosaic of disapproval is randomized, so your friend will get a whole new perspective on their poor decision every time he or she loads up the page.

How I built it

Like a boss. We ran around getting videos of people we knew (and collected some via Slack from people at other Hackathons too - shout out to those kids at SwampHacks) and compiled them into gifs.

Challenges I ran into

CSS is dumb and I hate it. Javascript is also dumb.We cheated and made jQuery look like CSS. We also ran into some issues where our gifs were massive and the page struggled to load. How does a gif end up bigger than the source video? It has no sound!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm really excited about the favicon for the website. Zack is excited about the server jams and flask-html communication.

What's next for Dan-ial

We're always looking to add more disapproval to our repertoire. Adding reaction-gifs is one of our goals, that way we can implement a "Load More Disappointment" button. We've also been told we could use some responsive mobile tiling (thanks, _ Cassidy _ ). We've got this domain name for the rest of the year, so really, the possibilities are endless. We also really can't wait to see his reaction when we link it to him.

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