I have been wanting to make a video game in Unity but wasn't sure where to get started since I didn't have a game idea. This hackathon helped motivate me to find an idea that would be fun to make in a short amount of time and would also help me learn how to get started with Unity.

What it does

DamWood is a video game that takes place in a small forest, where Benny must find logs of wood before the time runs out while avoiding the monster in the woods. If Benny is brave enough he may find a secret that will give him a special ability to collect all the logs in the forest.

How I built it

DamWood was built using the Unity Engine for player interactions, log collectibles, level design, GUI, physics, and enemy AI which is mostly developed in C#. The player character model was created in blender and the animation rigging was done by using a really useful software called Mixamo. The monster character model and animation was created by Mixamo as well. The model for the log asset was found on Paint 3D.

The level design that took place in Unity was developed with the API Terrain Tools which allows me to create "mountains" and hills, apply grass textures and place trees in the environment.

Challenges I ran into

  1. Original level design was supposed to be OSU campus. Which was going to be created in blender then exported to Unity which would then be edited with the terrain tool. I found out that it would not work that way since terrain tool creates a new object when designing the terrain rather then using an object that already exists like I had planned.

  2. Player collision events with collectibles not being detected.

  3. Textures and materials not appearing on models after being imported into Unity

  4. Enemy AI not detecting player and not having animations

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Made my first game in Unity

What I learned

I learned that although Unity has it's challenges being able to make a video game by yourself is possible. Using tools like Mixamo and Blender really help the process of creating assets when developing video games, which is the part of game development I know the least about. Now that I know that I can use Mixamo as a resource to give my game quality assets I want to learn more about creating video games using Unity.

What's next for DamWood

Development on DamWood stops here but this hackathon has inspired me to use Unity to make games. My next project will be a real time strategy video game with a top down perspective, where you point and click to move the character and to interact with the environment.

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