We wanted to be able to construct a playlist completely through voice control. It's a tedious process to construct a music playlist, especially when in a group scenario; having to add multiple tracks physically with possible disagreements emerging can get tiresome very quickly.

What it does

Dalmify allows for the ability to create a playlist and be able to add every track to it, through only vocally specifying the song and optionally the artist.

How I built it

Through using the SDKs for Spotify and Houndify and integrating them for the iOS.

Challenges I ran into

Parsing through the documentation of the SDKs

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's an app that solves a problem and we're very proud of that.

What I learned

How SDKs work, how to brainstorm and come up with concepts synthesized from the entire team's individual inputs.

What's next for Dalmify

Better, beautiful code. Addition of SoundHound API in the future when that releases. More of a user friendly UX. Addition of a more standard music player functionality -- voice controlled, of course.

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