As discussed in the hackathon , the problem of traffic keeps infecting the hajj experience, more then 70%of hajjis suffer from traffic problems and have to bear more fatigue and tiredness , especially that most of pilgrim are at an old age

What it does

Dalil Al Massalik informs the pilgrim about the door/way conditions (Closed / open / crowded), and gives the opportunity to everyone in the area to help other pilgrim by sharing this information, so that they use a better pathway

How we built it

we used lumen Api , PHP , Jquery , Bootstrap, Postmen

Challenges we ran into

first of all ,one of the hard drives of our PC is burned ,second android studio demand bigger Ram , so it was quit difficult to check the results , so we took the web solution

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Among the achievements we are proud of is that any pilgrim has the right to participate in facilitating the process of running the crowds and also facilitate the work of the workers

What we learned

The development of this solution allowed us to learn the work in groups,   how to aim to our goals especially when we are limited by to manage stress and challenge fatigue

What's next for Dalil Al Massalik

Our prospects for Dalil Al Masalik are added the following point:

  • Added other place such as Mosque of El Madena, Mina and Mouzdalifa,
  • Added the location at the end of visualized the doors/way of the place where Lhadj resides, thus facilitating the itinerary to the open doors
  • A point gain system for contributors to select contributors of trusts, After completing these features, it will be published on the Play store and insisting pilgrims to use and contribute, after we will propose to Hajj officials to give them our application and give him the privilege of changing states of doors/way without investing in machines, screens, agents
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