I was a strong believer that people with best IQ are the only one to succeed in lives, and I struggled a lot due to my belief in that. Dale Carnegie Course changed my life forever. We know how EQ becomes important after you reach a certain point in your life, career..

What it does

When you ask Alexa for goldbook principle, it reads out one of the invaluable principle from all 30 principles and even more wise words from EQ trainers around the globe!

How I built it

NodeJS, AWS Lambda

Challenges I ran into

I was new to NodeJS and JavaScript ecosystem. Alexa skills were new at that time and it lacked decent documentation. Documentation assumed some skill level from developers and I have struggled to build due to those factos.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I've got opportunity to teach the world about the lessons I've learnt from Dale Carnegie course. I also use it to remind myself what I've learned time to time. And I've became first Alexa skill developer among all my peers, and proud to brag my achievement!

What I learned

I've learnt building a skill using AWS tools is getting easier day to day. Developers can create new skills with very few lines of code, yet create powerful skills to make an impact to communities.

What's next for Dale Carnegie Goldbook

Keep adding more one liners from Dale Carnegie, Daniel Coleman, and other great wisdom sources of EQ. This time, make recorded versions by real persons.

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