Helping Muslim pilgrims performing Hajj and authorities in KSA who are organizing Hajj ceremony, by simplifying the communication between pilgrims and the Hajj authorities.

What it does

It is AI cloud service that can be consumed by any application or IoT device, by using IBM Watson and Google cloud translation services we could achieve the following: t does the following:

  1. *Interactive dialogue and guidance * by connecting it to IBM Watson and using its cognitive and AI abilities, it supports getting voice commands from the user, analyzes it and provides answers related to Hajj as a ritual and other organizational information regarding how to move and how to get support.
  2. auto translate messages between Hajj authority (Ministry of Hajj) and pilgrims.
  3. Understanding pilgrims speech and intentions to provide intelligence dialogues and guidance
  4. Big data and machine learning will be in the heart of this cloud service, by interacting with pilgrims the platform will continuously learn from pilgrims interactions.

How we built it

This is the service

  • Java
  • IBM Watson
  • Bluemix
  • Google Cloud Platform Translate API
  • nodejs

We've created a mobile app as interface just to demonstrate how our service will be used/consumed

  • Android Java front end +Javascript

Challenges we ran into

  • Limitation of available languages for translation by used platform
  • Technical challenges when using Google cloud platform for the first time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Covering number of challenges that are facing the pilgrims and holy ritual for muslims
  • Applying technology in such event to support and help to solve big challenges related to a nationwide initiative (vision 2030)
  • Just participation in this hackathon is an accomplishment, for 3 our of us it is the first time

What we learned

  • learned lots of things about business modeling and elevator pitch
  • learned new technical stuff
  • we met very nice people
  • Hackathon experience is very nice

What's next for DAL L047

To be communication service number one for pilgrims and ministry of Hajj

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