When the team was brainstorming Daizzy, we had to think of a unique way of applying the volunteer system, without using the same example as shown from the presentation featuring the calendar system. Knowing this, our team thought “What if we had a chat bot?” We decided that building an AI would be convenient for a user because it resembles a normal conversation. With that it mindes, this concept allowed a breakout of ideas to pour in, as we processed what would be added onto it.

What it does

As mentioned, Daizzy is an AI that "chats" with the user. She asks for basic information, such as names, the volunteer's chosen role, and also pull up a calendar to add important dates.

How we built it

The app was built using Javascript, CSS, and HTML. We incorporated a Google Calendar API for the calendar portion of Daizzy. Our team was diverse and worked on several different parts. Some people would be doing styling and graphic design while others would be hitting the API and adding other basic functions to our app.

Challenges we ran into

Some problems that we had included accessing the API and getting it to work on local servers and the deployed server (through GitHub). These problems took a lot of time and effort to fix, but we were able to pull through after much research, trial, and error.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to say that Daizzy works well (to some extent) and looks good at the same time. It can complete the main actions that we aimed to do. A lot of hard work was put in by everyone to make Daizzy possible. Overall, we are glad that we were able to create Daizzy.

What we learned

Since we are high school students, we didn't have much experience with coding besides what we've done in our coding class. Throughout the creation of Daizzy, we were able to improve our time management, communication with adults outside of school, and our technical skills.

What's next for Daizzy - The Election Volunteer Helper

Given the chance, we'd take Daizzy further by adding a sign in feature and having Daizzy give volunteers a unique id number so that even if they forget their login info, they could also access their information using that number. Another thing that we'd like to do is add more chat options to make conversations seem more interactive and personal.

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