Daisy is your personal trading assistant that you communicate through your phone. She allows you to perform powerful trading functions, manage and discover trade signals, all in the palm of your hand.

Here is a list of sample commands she is currently able to answer:

hi daisy status go long 2 contracts on the eurusd go short 1 on the eurusd go short 1 on the usdjpy when it reaches 93 with a stop of 20 pips and a target of 30 pips go long 1 on the eurusd if it hits 1.4 and set the stop at 1.3 take profit at 1.5 buy 1 eurusd sell 1 usdjpy right flippin now! show me my open trades list my orders for me alert me if the eurusd price goes above 1.3 alert me if the usdjpy price goes below 92 what is the latest news on the eurusd send me the latest twitter feed on the usdjpy

All you have to do is ask Daisy a question and she answers back via email, right to your phone.

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