DAISY - Your Personal Assistant

People don't really know where to get the best information they are looking for. The best place to get educated and entertained. And even those that know it find it boring at times when the only way they interact with their device is only keyboard, mouse and touch

An Education, Entertainment and Life-Easing Speech to Action Web App - Voice Driven

You can have Daisy do almost all of your web activities for you or at least show a quick and easy way to get them done. For example, when you ask her what is happening, she shows you news - trending and normal ones. She teaches something new when you are willing to learn, and you can be specific on the topic. And when you are feeling bored, you can have her entertain you with new or trending songs as you wish. She also can show you accessories and things for sale, be it cheap, expensive, popular, new etc. When you ask her what is happening, she responds with latest news. She really eases all of your web activities

PHP cURL and Web APIs

We used some PHP cURL functions for the fetching data from various websites Obviously, HTML5 and CSS3 gave us the sexy design And we use Javascript Web APIs - speechRecognition, speechSynthesis, speechSynthesisUtterance are the main ones we used


Lack of power supply and network connection were our main challenges

DAISY Responds well to Human Beings. LOL

She understands the our users basic web needs and she is always quick and happy to deliver to results to them like she is a real human with emotions


We learned to team work and that it is actually a good concept, to be more focus - hitting an accomplishment in a limited time

Introducing her to the Human World

Improving her vocabulary and dictions. Getting her on all Operating System - desktop and mobile and smart gadgets (TVs, watches etc.) as an overlay to assist you on even functions native to your device

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