The inspiration for our app came from a simple question: What if any Myo user could simply raise a hand, as if hailing an imaginary taxi cab, and launch an Uber request right from their phone instantly? What if you could put a hand to your ear as if to sing "Call Me Maybe" and your phone contacts instantly popped up?

Daimyo (which can be read either as the landowning overlords of feudal Japan or as Great Thalmic Myo) removes unnecessary keystrokes from very common phone tasks and performs these tasks even if your phone is locked in your pocket or browsing a different app entirely.

Our original goal was to create a convenient, time-saving app for smartphone users, but we have since expanded our idea to encompass hands-free accessibility in general, adding in a speech-to-text functionality for people using their phones on the road or the blind.

Daimyo uses Uber, Facebook, Mashery's USA Today API, and Android's native phone call and SMS interface.

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