Our inspiration to build this email automation program using Python and tie it together with COVID 19 problems came from the thought of alleviating the suffering people go through during SHN or quarantine. We decided to address the people who have to live in a hotel room with hardly any space, human contact and boredom. It's literally a challenge to stay sane and healthy while being quarantined !!

What it does and how we built it ?

Our program addresses the problem by sending mails that include a list of exercises that help people stay fit, along with tips and links for meditation for mental wellbeing. Our program uses Python and its various libraries to automate the process of sending mails to a list of people. The data of users and the sender is protected by using environment variables and the gitignore file We then wrote a function for the main automation part to create the subject and body of a specific email. We created a SMTP server to send automated emails to various people. We coded an HTML template that we used to send the email so that it will have more formatting than plain text.

Challenges we ran into

It was stressful at the start because we had to complete a working product in 24 hours. There were problems in both phases of the competition. The first problem was the ideation stage, where we had difficulties identifying and finalising unique problems and solutions. The second was the coding stage where we ran into errors and spent a lot of time reading documentation and jargon. Ultimately, we understood everything and made it work perfectly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the teamwork, collaboration during coding, recording, and submitting. We submitted almost an hour early. It was truly a beautiful opportunity to improve our skills. It was a huge accomplishment to build something we didn't think we would.

What we learned

We learnt about different ways to automate processes via our research and improve our design thinking skills and identifying a business solution with plausible future initiatives. We found out about different libraries and integrating them into Python. Another important learning was to automate a process using something as simple as a function. Most importantly, we learnt how to fluidly work as a team and use the 24 hours to code something useful in the current world

What's next for Daimon

To improve the project, our plans for monetisation include getting ad revenue and integrating features of other services into the applications. We plan to expand the idea by partnering with companies such as Netflix, FoodPanda and fitness companies to provide offers and exclusive features optimised for people under quarantine.


Abhay Ganti 9E IGCSE Jyotiraditya Mishra 9E IGCSE Ved Wagh 9E IGCSE Saiskanda Guntury 9E IGCSE

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