Hello! The repository builds on Nimbella API and is based on the use case story off of the daily 15 minute meetings that many companies do.

During agile/scrum development, companies will have a 15 minute meeting when they start off. They discuss what has been done so far, what will be worked on today, and what possible blockers may be.

This meeting is helpful, but after a short while, it is easy to forget information about what happened in the meeting. Additionally, some people may have not been able to attend the meeting.

Then comes these convenient slack commands, as it enables people to write bullet list points for what has been done, what needs to be worked on today, and what possible blockers may be. This helps people make better decisions, be more informed, and improve productivity.

This was built with Nimbella for the wrapper class on the Slack API service, and Firebase for persistent storage. The direct reference for the storage endpoint is https://standup-db-33e78.firebaseio.com with paths containing /standup/done.json, /standup/today.json, /standup/blockers.json

We are REALLY proud about how it was all able to work and come together smoothly. We learned about oauth and rest api calls with Firebase, learning the GCP platform, about how Slack API allows bots, how Nimbella works through their documentation, about Radar geofences and REST calling them. It's been a long weekend and we are proud of the finish line.

We believe that this idea is something that will increase productivity time to daily scrum meetings and will be implemented in the future as people will want to start keeping logs of what happens day to day with each standup.

Now here's some usage for the Slack bot (all code in the GitHub repository and documented):

Usage: /standup [command] ... Where params are provided only if mandatory.

Commands: /standup done - adds what's been completed to done list

/standup today - adds a task to todays list

/standup blockers - adds a blocker to blockers list

/standup reminder-done - prints done list

/standup reminder-today - prints today list

/standup reminder-blockers - prints blocker list

/standup reminder-all - prints all lists in order

/standup clear-done - clears done list

/standup clear-today - clears today list

/standup clear-blockers - clears blocker list

/standup clear-all - clears all lists

/standup meeting - prints geofence of location of HackSC venue, and used in task reminder

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