The inspiration for DailySayfe came from right across the street...

My 85 year-old father-in-law lives across the street from my house, and prior to COVID, we spent time together as a family whenever possible. Since COVID, we spend almost no time together for fear that we might unknowingly spread the virus through close physical interaction. When thinking about this situation, it occurred to me that there are potentially millions of newly isolated individuals - most of whom do not have loved ones living across the street.

COVID has isolated us like never before, and that complicates the ability of caregivers to interact with isolated individuals.

What DailySayfe Is

DailySayfe is a Quick Base app / SMS Bot that connects caregivers to vulnerable populations. The program reaches out on a configurable frequency via SMS to assess the cognitive and physical well-being of isolated seniors. It is automated by Quick Base, and gathers (over time) a profile of the user's wellness in terms of 15 metrics including optimism, usefulness, energy, clarity, cheerfulness, as well as questions about general health. It helps caregivers recognize when help is needed - or a negative wellness trend is beginning.

How I Built It

Quick Base is foundation of the system. It automates the sending of SMS messages, collates responses, and creates profiles that illustrate wellness change over time - as well as any dramatic shifts. It uses 7 different API's / technologies including Geocodio for time zone information, Rebrandly for unique link generation, Twilio for SMS, and LandBot for chat bots. I also integrated online help into the application - as shown by the icon in lower right hand corner of the screen.

The Website

I built a website that talks more about DailySayfe, how it works, and what it does. It's at

What I'm Proud Of

DailySayfe is designed to do good. The isolation foisted upon us today is limiting our ability to monitor vulnerable populations. DailySayfe changes that.

What's next for DailySayfe

Hopefully, municipal governments and other organization will wish to use a free copy of DailySayfe to interact with their vulnerable populations.

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