One of our team member actually has been doing exercise for years. What interesting is that during this strange time, he starts to the see the important role of keep ourselves physically active daily can truly makes a positive effect on the quality of life. From there, he starts to call on his friends to do a daily exercise progress updates in a telegram, but the problem is each individual does different form of exercise with various tracking device while some don't own any type of it, except smartphone. That was where the idea came in, and make DailyRise mobile application comes to reality.

What it does

A mobile application that encourage people in the community to do exercise and share their progress with favorite people for collective wellbeing.

The app motivates users to keep working out daily through a simple record feature for any form of exercise without requiring any type of fitness trackers. Also, users will receive a digital reward for their performance, most importantly, they can create a group where everyone can share their progress.

How I built it

We are a team of four member with different expertises. We start by mapping out our practices that have been done so far, and bring that user experience into the mobile application.

Challenges I ran into

Productivity and time use optimization as we stay in three different countries in two continents.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Team collaboration, and bring our daily practice into life.

What I learned

Project management, and business development.

What's next for DailyRise

Continue to seek for potential seed funding or any funding program that can help us to bring this reach target users on both iOS and Android.

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