The concept of dapps and app mining sounded intriguing so I went for it...

What it does

an application that you can keep a daily journal that is encrypted and data is only visible to its owner.

How I built it

Its a reactjs web application that uses the Blockstack framework for authentication and uses its storage Gaia.

Challenges I ran into

everything UI

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That I was able to get through the ui madness known as Reactjs, I am mostly a backend developer. But having some experience with angularjs and angular i was able to poorly piece together a Reactjs application. Don't judge its a work in progress never mind it's your job to judge... :)

What I learned

Reactjs and Blockstack and what makes a dapp...

What's next for DailyMe

Keep improving the UI and adding more journal types and features.

Built With

  • react-blockstack-cloudfront-s3
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