End of 2019 after a trip in several ASIAN countries I discovered that many people use Live Shopping with their smartphone. Weechat and Taobao are the leaders and generate $Million. This is exactly what inspired us to make DailyLive. This new buying behavior make Generation Z and Millennials crazy. It generate 30% more sales for businesses. After we returned home to France, we realised we need to develop a similar platform in Europe as currently, there are no players in this space.

The problem we solves

Due to covid-19 the non-essential shops were closed across Europe. The most affected are the small and medium shops which do not have a lot of cash saving to survive potentially substantial lock-down period.

A lot of these shops also do not have online presence, and therefore, and not set up to sell online. Our solution would help these companies to continue selling without breaching the rules of lockdown.

What it does

DailyLive is a Live Video Shopping platform that lets you sell products in real time.

  1. Integrate/sync your products catalogue
  2. Launch your live video shopping
  3. Interact with your community
  4. Sell your products instantly

The small boutique shop can now do a live streaming from their shop. We offer different plan stand alone, public or white label. We also start to connect broadcast with social Media (Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter and IGTV) to let you livestream simultaneously.

Also it is possible to record your Live Shopping and keep it as replay to your own channel on Dailylive that generate sales all year!

How we built it

This is a Webapp beta public built using PHP. Its Admin panel website provides all what a seller needs to manage his catalogue, orders, stock and customers. We also built a module to connect sellers shop with PrestaShop.

What we have done during the weekend

Wondering about the disaster impact of the COVID19 for economy we jump to this Hackathon opportunity to improve our solution during the weekend. Before the Hackathon we were already almost done with the beta public Webapp version and unboard 4 real paid customer.

During the Weekend on Slack we talk with expert and was a great opportunity from all over Europe and help us to improve our solution on those part :

Pricing and Business Model
Mobile APP UX/UI

Than we built our first prototype of the Mobile Application as 45% of the 18>35 years old would like to buy instantly during a live (source: softonic)

The value of our solution(s) after the crisis

Small and medium enterprises most of them do not have digital presence, this tool helps them easily go online and grow their business even after COVID19.

  1. Anticipate this new buying behavior phenomenon
  2. Increase 30% of your sales with Video Shopping
  3. Save money instead paying Influencer to do it
  4. Keep contact with your customer

Accomplishments that we're proud of

When we launched our Beta public version on February we got 4 paid customers and they stop when confinement was ordered. Now that we got our mobile app prototype we schedule some appointment with them as they are very exited to use it. Dailylive help Benjamin the owner of Le Biberon Français (baby bottle) to sell online by video cause he need to give advice to their customer on how to choose the right product. It help Benjamin to still generate revenue to pay his rent, bill, charge etc..

What's next for DAILYLIVE

  • We will offer a *free subscription * to all SME's businesses until end of COVID19.
  • We will help them one by one to generate money fast by sharing our experience.
  • We will create a training program for seller that are not comfortable with video shopping.
  • We need to advertise everywhere that our solution can help Small and Medium enterprises.
  • Seed investment round to hire developer, customer support and marketing resources.

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