Inspiration......I always think if students in college and high school become more motivated to stay positive by building their skill, they can make a progress to overcome their difficulties.

That's the all point of DailyLift App!!!!

What it does..DailyLift's an app which provides college and high school students with motivational videos, inspirational quotes, and curated content. Students are also can make their own motivational playlist on DailyLift platform while trucking their own progress.

How I built it...I used java, JavaScripts,CSS to code and build the android studio for the app. I also used marvel software to make the prototype for the app.

Challenges I ran into....I had to teach java,and javaScripts to be able to make the functional the android studio app.

One of the biggest challenge that I ran into was the part where I had to implement the main activity part on the android studio connected to SMS.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of.....This local hack was one of the best learning experience and productivity at the end of it. I'v learned a lot working on this app.

What I learned.....I've learned XML, java, JavaScripts, and CSS programming in depth related to android studio.

What's next for DailyLift.... I would like the app to be in the market as soon possible after refining the entire app to focus on college and high school students.

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