Testing ways to retrieve information from a web page and translate it to a web page. So that you can integrate this into another program.

What it does

The project retrieves information from a website where the daily events in the F├╝nfssenland (Bavaria) are listed. These are then translated into English and Manderin. Also the weather report. This information is then transferred to Powerpoint.

How I built it

Most of the stuff I could solve with the modules of UiPath, rarely I had to use a code. I used the UiPath community editon for that.

Challenges I've encountered

Websites that do not always respond as expected. Also that I could not read the data in a table from the website. I had to divide the information into three tables and then put it together in one tabel. PowerPoint is usually only about "Find and Click" to use, which is not always easy.

Achievements that I am proud of

The solution for merging tables as well as translating the information without API.

What I have learned

Control PowerPoint. Activation of covered windows Retrieving data from a web page as well as typing into it

What's next for DailyEvents Dashboard?

As a special idea for a further development from my side it's for hotels, adapting to the language of your guests would be easily possible. For this can you read the data of the guests for detect the top 3 languages and translate the information suitably. This is not yet realized in this project, but it shows the way of the possibilities one has.

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