Our team got inspired by the idea when we saw the common problem that our friends in college faced. We realized that undergraduates and fresh graduates faced high stress from workload, from an uncertain future, relationship, social expectations and even a high expectation of themselves. This leads to increased stress levels, anxiety and also neglecting their own well-being. Left untreated, it leads to depression, anxiety, burnout, low self esteem and many more. Moreover, we realized that the market was over-saturated with too many web and mobile applications, so we wanted a platform that resonates with undergraduates and fresh graduates and can retain them to use it for a longer period of time.

What it does

Our solution, DailyBoost is a chrome extension that allows users to internalize their emotions to achieve a better state of mind.

Users will set DailyBoost as their main chrome extension, and whenever they open a new tab in chrome, the extension will pop up. This makes it relatively easy to access because undergraduates and fresh graduates are heavily dependent on web usage, and having it as an extension makes it convenient for users as they do not need to open another application.

Our solution first starts off with a slider bar that can allow users to rate how they are doing from 1 to 10, with 1 being in the worst state of mind, and 10 being the best state of mind. Next we let users decide what they want to feel today, and we give them 6 options namely, "fun, empowerment, relaxation, confidence, sociability and independence".

Following which, we will have a list of suggested activities based on their interests and their selection for what they wanted to feel today, and be able to select activities they want to accomplish today. Activities are targeted mainly at getting people moving, and range from small activities around the house to bigger activities like going out for different social interactions.

After which, the user will be able to see a list of goals that they set for themselves. When the users accomplish a goal, they can tick it off their list of goals.

At the end of the day, or at the start of the next day, users will see a message to check in on how they felt after completing their goal.

Users who eventually choose to seek professional help can click the "speak to someone" option, and will call mental health care helplines.

This solution would resolve the difficulty to identify their emotions, especially if they are stuck in a downward spiral of negative thoughts. After recognizing their emotions, they will have a list of suggested activities that would take their mind off negative thoughts and decrease social isolation. Finally, with a closed-loop consolidation, users can take time to internalized their feelings from completion of the tasks. This would all be tracked over time and users can view how their moods generally improved after doing simple activities and can feel more empowered in the arena of being able to control their emotions. The suggested activities can vary with difficulty over time so that the user can constantly take their mind off in a positive way. This tracking is also completely private, and users can register for the chrome extension without any personal details. This gives them a more secure way to get help for themselves. Eventually, and if there is a need to, the user can choose to share their data with a therapist. This would help them get more customized help, and eventually improve their mental state in the long run.

How we built it

We built it using React and Redux, with html and CSS components.

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to many features at the start but had too little time. So we had to compromise and find out the best feature that serves the purpose and is unique to the challenges by other similar solutions in the market.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is our first-ever hackathon in San Francisco.

What we learned

We learnt that while emotions cannot be controlled, they can be influenced by the activities we choose to do and we can learn how to manage them better by internalizing our emotions.

What's next for DailyBoost

Integrating wearable into the chrome extension. People can use wearable information, like heart rate, sleep cycle and step count to see how active or how well the person feels after an activity. This can also be shown over a longer period of time to show their improvement. We will also integrate virtual assistants like Google Home, where users can talk to a virtual assistant about their problems and can get help if there are keywords that show crisis. Moreover, we can introduce APIs to Meetup and EventBrite so that users can easily find activities that interest them and are near them. Also, we would add options for the user to list their interests so that we can better cater activities to their needs. Lastly, we can expand the chrome extension to fit the needs of other users like working adults.

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