As new 'Berliners' we always feel like we're one minute too late to our ride. With Daily Route we want to master our daily commute.

What it does

With Daily Route you can stay up to date with ride times and changes for your usual routes and congestion information for your selected route.

How we built it

We build it with Meteor as a web-app that we ported to iOS and Android. We have imported data-sets form available congestion information and call the api for real-time updates.

Challenges we ran into

Matching a data-set with a api with no common unique ID's is pretty rough. We parsed the time and matched up times and it was pretty hard to do this. Next time we would rather have the id's.

Matching up the UI between web, android and ios - some weird bugs or incompatibilities there. Handling big data-sets in a way that makes the app still fast enough to be usable

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We made a simple interface that is really easy to read and to navigate and a system that works pretty fast.
  • No GPS Tracking required.
  • No personal data needed

What we learned

  • spend more time for planning and analysing the data before jumping in

What's next for Daily Route

  • Building a notification system
  • Integrating real-time data from usage and tickets
  • Fixing some leftover bugs
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