I wrote the original Alexa skill for the 'Tech for Good' hackathon, and I thought it would be nice to share the code with others so they could use their own conversion rates or modify how items are tracked/stored.

What it does

The skill tracks the number of items you've recycled up, just let the skill know what you're recycling. You can recycle multiple items at one time.

The neat thing about the skill is that it calculates how much energy you saved by recycling your items. It does this using the EPA Energy Impact values from March 2015.

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

Figuring out how SAM worked with Alexa and DynamoDB was the most difficult part. Using the ask-sdk to create the table the way you normally would didn't work, and neither did using SAM to create the table (I could create the table, but not access it). I finally got it to work by having SAM create the table, adding the DynamoDBCrudPolicy to my SAM, and setting the table manually within the skill code.

What I learned

I really feel like I learned a lot about the Serverless Application Model. I learned about how a lot of the services integrate with one another, for example. I also learned about CloudFormation stacks and learned a bit about the various settings for these services. Oh, and I also got to learn about using S3 to make resources publicly available.

What's next for daily-recycle

Built With

  • ask
  • ask-cli
  • dynamo
  • s3
  • sam
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