Math can often feel boring or mundane because students are often just solving math problems from a textbook where there is a list of similar problems that you keep solving like a robot. Daily Putnam Math Challenge is a website to get students interested in competitive mathematics at a slow and easy pace. Only 1 (very difficult) Math Problem every day.

What it does

Daily Putnam Math Challenge is a website where every day a Putnam math problem is uploaded, along with the official solution to yesterday's Putnam problem. Users can upload their solution to the math problem by either using LaTex or uploading a picture of their working. Once they do, they are led to the Discussions webpage where they can see all the other solutions that were posted by users around the world. Users can upvote solutions they feel have a good explanation and they can even comment under solutions to ask specific questions about a solution.

How I built it

I built the website using Python 3 and the Flask micro web framework.

What's next for Daily Putnam Math Challenge

The immediate goal is to implement user accounts in this system where users can register with their email/username and password. Right now there is a massive bug in the system where a user can upvote his/her own solution as many times as he/she wants. I need to implement a feature where a user can't upvote his/her own solutions and a user can only upvote a solution once. User accounts can also make the comment section of each solution much more descriptive.

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