We always wanted to make an Alexa skill and thought it was fitting since Chris will be interning at Amazon in Seattle this summer. So Chris already had an existing skill, and we wanted to expand and fix it since some users said they were having issues.

What it does

The skills gives a user a flash briefing of all the current headlines of the Daily Orange. It allows for anyone to be able to hear the Daily Orange headlines easily.

How we built it

The skill uses web scraping of the RSS feed for the Daily Orange to parse out the headlines from the feed using Javascript. It then uses the Alexa SDK to transform those text strings to speech and speaks it to the user as a result

Challenges we ran into

We had to figure out the Alexa SDK and developer portal, which was something new to both of us but worth it in the end!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a skill and getting it released on the Alexa Skill store! (very quick to process!)

What we learned

We got to practice out web scraping skills and figure out how to develop Alexa skills!

What's next for Daily Orange Alexa Skill

We're going to look into being able to filter different stories by the type of headline or go into more detail for a particular story if a user wants to.

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