Have you ever struggled with calming down? Been stressed for a test? Struggled to stay focused during those late-night study sessions? That's where Daily Mind can help! We originally wanted to build an ADHD /OCD symptom/compulsion tracker app. However, it became a guided meditation app. Sometimes we have a hard time calming down and focusing on something. This app is especially helpful for use before doing intense homework, or just to help calm down before a test. The app asks a few simple questions and directs you to the best meditation. Each reflection is one to two minutes long, making them perfect for a quick rest. In today's stressful and anxious world, it is important for us to take a minute and calm down. To put things into perspective. We built the app using thunkable, a mobile app creator. We recorded the guided meditations and edited them using the podcast app, Anchor. The team is especially proud of overcoming the challenge of embedding the audio into the app. What's next for Daily Mind? We strive to add more meditations regularly and to add an ability to add friends and see each other's data.

Built With

  • anchor
  • thunkable
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