Haven't been outside in years. I definitely won't be able to find a path to walk around my neighborhood without getting lost.

What it does

The website receives user input on where they want to begin the walk as well as the distance they wish to walk. The application will generate several path suggestions that circle around the starting point in approximately the distance they desire.

How we built it

Front end with React, back end with Django and PostgreSQL.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge was in writing to the path finding algorithm. We realized that finding the desired length circular paths was an NP problem so we had to work around the issue and approach the algorithm in a different way.

We also had a difficult time trying to get the map data we needed and getting the Google Maps APIs to draw out the paths we mapped out separately.

We also kept pushing our API key by accident...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating the path finding algorithm and figuring out how to draw out the points on a map using Google Cloud APIs (resolving our challenges).

What we learned

How to not push API keys.

What's next for Daily Journey

Discover some artistic talent to fix our frontend.

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