What is Daily Expense?

Take control of your personal finances on the go with the awesome Daily Expense app. We take the hassle out of micro-managing your finances so you can have peace of mind knowing that ‘what gets measured gets managed’.

With its clean design, Daily Expense is an easy way to keep track of daily costs, incomes and budgets anywhere you are. We take care of the details so you can keep your eye on the bigger picture!

Why Daily Expense?

Personal finance management is not fun…but it has definitely gotten easier with the new apps on the market, it has right? Then why do we lose interest after the second snack when it hasn’t even passed midday!

We don’t overwhelm you with features, or distract you with fancy buttons, we give you just what you need when you need it. Tracking your expenses doesn’t need to take time out of your day or your conversations.

Daily Expense is the easier way of managing your expenses. It is the intuitive finance management tool but simpler! Because Gear was design to make your life easier, our Daily Expense app was designed to make using your Gear even easier!


  • Ad-Free
  • Record expenses
  • Quick access - easily view current month spending with a quick glance at your wrist.
  • Smart categories
  • Group your expenses by week, month or year
  • Simple and minimalistic user interface for people who just want to keep track of expenses.

Who is this app for?

This app is for people who have tried everything else on the market but still haven’t found the right app. It is for people who

All of us could do with a little money managing in our lives because we all know that the value of keeping track of your finances is the key to financial freedom.

Are you self-employed, run your own business, or get sent out of town for work? keeping track of what you spend is very important. If you don’t record how much money you spent on a cup of coffee to keep you awake during that presentation, you won’t be reimbursed for it later.


Daily Expense for Gear will be available for free and with no ads in the Samsung Apps store. The reason we chose this model was to solve a problem. The app was designed by truly passionate designers and talented developers. We built something unique and special that we hope will help you in your everyday life! We plan on monetizing the app through in app purchase as soon as the extra cool new features are added.


Awesome Future Updates

  • Visualize your expenses via beautiful graph
  • Offline access.
  • Daily reminder for entry
  • Pass-code lock protection
  • Server synchronization
  • More currencies support
  • Add or remove categories as needed
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