I was 2 hours into the hackathon defeated and tired. I had envisioned an idea so grand it was impossible for one individual to do alone in such a short time. I was about ready to throw in the towel but before I did I saw a really cute picture of a corgi. This picture of a corgi inspired so much that I got back up and went back to the drawing board. After seeing the power a cute picture can have, I felt like it was my duty to provide a service where anyone in the world can receive inspirationally cute photos that can help them through their toughest time.

What it does

Daily Dose of r/aww is a text message subscription service that sends high-quality cute pictures from r/aww to every subscriber every morning.

How I built it

The service is running on a Node.js server that utilizes the Reddit API and Twilio's text messaging service. Whenever a user enters a phone number on the Daily Dose of r/aww website, the user's information is stored in a MongoDB database. Every morning at 8 am the database is looped over and every phone number is sent and individual text message with the current top trending r/aww submission. These services are hosted locally on my machine and are made public using ngrok.

What's next for Daily Dose of r/aww

Being a one-man team most of my time was spent making sure the service works as a whole so the visual elements of the website are less than ideal. In later versions of the product, I will dress up the landing page with modern graphics as well as make a more in-depth page to browse the current top r/aww posts

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