Inspiration 💡

Now that everything is online, you most likely find yourself starring at a screen 24/7. Soon days become one, your desk is mostly likely a mess and you probably can't tell whether it's Tuesday or Thursday. This lack of self care can cause some serious damage in the long run. Some of which include chronic illnesses, nutritional deficiencies, self-neglect causing a drain in motivation and much more . To help solve this pressing issue, we have created a fun and interactive chrome extension that easily allows you to get your Daily Dose of Care.

What it does ❓

Daily Dose of Care is a fun and interactive chrome extension that reminds you whether you've gotten your daily dose of exercise, allows you to choose which mood best represents your day and asks you some quick questions on your personal wellness. This journey of interacting with such prompts helps an individual delve down into some deep introspection. Not to mention, there's a song of the day generator at the end to boost your mood!

How we built it ⚙️

  • Figma for UI/UX design 🎨
  • Chrome Storage API
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS

Challenges we ran into 🤔

  • As a group of 2, we originally wanted to build a fully functioning react web app for Daily Dose of Care, however we later on realized that wasn't realistic given the time constraints and our group size.

  • In the fitness tracker we wanted to embed a google calendar into the UI using chrome APIs . We learned it was a lot more challenging than we'd expect it to be.

  • Syntax errors in the manifest.json are the worst! When in doubt it's probably a comma you're missing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🏆

  • For one of us it was our first hackathon!
  • Completing the song generator and adding some killer hits
  • Making the adorable logo using Figma!
  • Successfully completing the save functionality
  • Organizing all of the fitness information into a to-do list
  • Working on a project we actually see ourselves using on a daily

What we learned 📖

  • The importance of sharing our skills sets with one another because team work is better than riding solo
  • How to work with a chrome extension for the first time and how to organize all of our important information onto a single popup
  • A great way to find a bug is to put our heads together and get a fresh set of eyes on the code
  • For one of us it was our first time using Figma and it was very useful to learn how to create mockups for reference throughout the project

What's next for Daily Dose of Care 💯

  • Allowing friends to easily share they're entries with friends
  • Allowing users to view previously saved entries and to present information in easy to read graphs
  • Based on user input to be able to send notifications to remind them to take care of themselves or to lift their mood (ex. If they forget to drink enough water send a notification, if they are sad to redirect to a song of the day)
  • Maybe adding a dark mode option

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