Inspiration: Two group members have family members who recently started to take medication, however, they stated how their family members often forget to take those medications on time. The result of this situation is our product that can solve problems and situations that are commonly overlooked or ignored.

What it does: Our product is an android application that allows the user to input their medication name, total amount, amount to ingest, and medication scheduling. This application reminds the user of when to take their medication, how much of their medication is left, and checks the condition of your medication.

How I built it: This application was built with Android Studio in the programming languages of Java and XML and an Arduino in the programming language C.

Challenges I ran into: A challenge we ran into was overreaching with our objective due to our assumption that we would be able to accomplish more with the given time. I specifically ran into the challenge of attempting to learn how to work with Amazon Echo and Google Home without prior knowledge or experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: I am proud of how much I was able to learn in such a short span of time by means of both the workshops and the project.

What I learned: I have learned about topics involving Cyber Security, Malware Analysis, Web Development, Android Studio, Firebase, and Dialogflow.

What's next for Daily Dose: The next steps for the Daily Dose are to integrate Amazon Echo and Google Home to allow more than one user, allow hour specific scheduling, and allow for another access point for the application. Another step is to integrate A.I. that will assist in automatic scheduling based on medication side effect and personal routine.

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