No one plans on getting sick or hurt, but most people need a health checkup at some point. Despite this, health care is extremely expensive and time-consuming. Scheduling an appointment with a doctor, dentist, or any other health practitioner can easily take weeks or even months. We wanted to solve this issue by making health care more accessible by using the technology around us such as the Amazon Echo.

What it does

Daily Doctor revolutionizes the health care industry by streamlining the tedious task of scheduling a doctor's appointment. With Daily Doctor, users can receive health care checkups on a daily basis through a simple Alexa command. Doctors can utilize this data and arrange for a health care checkup when symptoms grow increasingly important.

How we built it

We built Daily Doctor by utilizing the Alexa Skills Kit and the AWS SDK. We integrated an AWS Lambda function with Amazon's DynamoDB and hosted the Alexa skill on Amazon Web Services. Daily Doctor was written in Node.js.

Challenges we ran into

Initially, we struggled to learn the tech stack that came with building an Alexa skill. But our biggest challenge was sending the user's personal health data to DynamoDB and sending this data through email. This was largely due to the lack of documentation on these specific tasks.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team is proud of setting up a fully-functioning Alexa skill that solves a meaningful issue in our society. Although the majority of our team had never used the Alexa Skills Kit and AWS SDK before, we were able to rapidly create a working prototype.

What we learned

We learned a great deal about the coding process that goes into building an Alexa skill. We also overcame many obstacles when implementing the Alexa skill and learned how to combine various AWS services.

What's next for Daily Doctor

In the future, our team hopes to continuously improve Daily Doctor and eventually launch the Alexa skill on the Alexa Skills Store. We plan on adding a user interface that allows both the patient and doctor to visualize the data that has been logged by Amazon Alexa.

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