Daily Calendar 'Indru' presents users day-to-day time and calendar information in a localized and more lively format. People generally like to follow their traditional customs and auspicious time/days based on their language/religion/geography. 'Indru' is an attempt such bring localized calendars in the smartphones/tablets.

As a first step, 'Indru' has collected ton of information on traditional rituals, auspicious timing, special days etc for Indian subcontinent people (especially for tamil language speaking people) and presents it in an easy readable format.

Indru goes a step forward and notifies users about upcoming events. Also, it helps to start off the day with bright and encouraging quotes, zodiac predictions, etc.,

App can be easily extended to cover other geography regions and cater more users with their localized content.

Features: Traditional Daily calendar pages Easy forward and backward calendar swipes Supports Offline mode - no internet needed for the app Various calendar image resolutions UI: pinch zoom, drag, squeeze, single/double tap Easy connection mode and space management

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