Once such a system is designed and functional, it will bring about Daily Bowl's family of donors, receiving agencies, staff, and volunteers all under one umbrella. It will make the process of collecting and distributing food produce more efficient.

What it does

Currently, we have a web application that logs in a donor(donating organization) and displays the donor dashboard for that particular user. The user is able to see their past donations in a tabular format and download the data in csv format. This report can be used by the donation organization for tax filing purposes as well as by Daily Bowl while filing for government grants. We also generated a prototype for the recipient agency dashboard.

How I built it

We built a spring boot application following the MVC architecture. The backend is written in Java and frontend in Thymeleaf and Bootstrap. We use the existing Airtable Database of Daily Bowl. HTTP requests are sent to the Airtable API to get and send data from and to the database. Certain data aggregations and joins are performed on this data retrieved from multiple tables in the Airtable. A script is written which takes this data from the table and generates a downloadable csv file which can be used by both the donating organization as well as Daily Bowl.

Challenges I ran into

The frameworks used for building the project were new to us. It was quite challenging to learn and implement them in a short span of a week. Using a new database - Airtable was quite new for us, as well as it was a great learning experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We got a deep understanding of HTTP requests and consuming REST APIs. Moreover, we got to learn about and implement the MVC architecture. We also learnt a lot about Airtable and how to use it in applications.

What I learned

Working with the team remotely was a challenging task. From organizing meetings with the mentors and NPO leaders to discussing the problem statement with the teammates, the most important things which were learnt are teamwork, communication, patience and persistence. The collaborative environment gave us a feeling of working for something big and important. Learning and working on a new tech stack although challenging, is a lot of fun. Lastly, working on building technology solutions which would benefit our society and community is truly a rewarding experience.

What's next for Daily-Bowl NPO Team 3

The Hackathon has revived our thinking, instilling some great ideas in our minds. We plan to continue this form and make some personal projects based on what we have learned and whatever new technologies we can incorporate to build something that would make the world a better place to live in.

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