We were inspired to create this app because of how people tend to put themselves down. People have no problems lifting up their friends and strangers, but find it difficult to give themselves compliments. This app helps users uplift themselves like they would uplift the people around them.

This app allows users to choose daily affirmations to tell themselves and everyday the user goes on the app to say their daily affirmations, a day is added to their streak.

We used Android Studio and coded in Java. MS Paint was used to make a general visualization of what the app should look like. Procreate was used to design our logo.

Challenges we ran into - We had trouble coming up with a consensus with the color and size of the icon for out app but we ended up going with out final design.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - We're proud this app is function and that we were able to complete something for out first hackathon.

What we learned - We learned that there are many components that go into an app. Prior to this project, we mainly focused on just the coding aspects, but we found that apps also need an interesting design.

What's next for Day By Day? We hope that if this app gets revenue from app that we can donate money to mental health organizations on the users' behalf. The user should be able to choose an organization of their choice and money will get donated once they reach certain streak goals.

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