Inspiration Original drive came from Vitaliks post from earlier this year about accountability in the crowdfunding space

What it does Integrates our DAICO platform ( with the kyber network in order to become a reserve manager from the locked account

How we built it We took a light version of our DAICO, and designed a desktop client which can run the smart contract and implement certain market making strategies as a kyber reserve manager

Challenges we ran into The biggest challenge was to understand kyber thoroughly to be able to pass the correct kind of order updates. Major issue was while simulating traders, the kyber contract kept rejecting half of the transactions. Reason is still unknown

Accomplishments that we're proud of This is our first time using Electron JS, so it felt nice that we were able to pull it off. Also, we take pride in fanning the weak flame that the DAICO ecosystem is as of today. We believe that ICO was a monumental step in humanity's historical drive towards permissionless innovation which made several amazing technologies possible. The bubble was a result of poor nash equilibria playing out. The fact that DAICOs aim to fix this game appeals to us the most.

What we learned Having access to great minds increases your capacity exponentially. We also got exposed to techniques new dapp browsers and communication protocols like whisper that we have not leveraged in our projects so far. We hope to do so in the future.

What's next for DAICO Hedge We will integrate this module into over the next few months

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