Daft Replay is like CodePen for random remix inspired by Daft Punk's Harder Better Faster song. The original DaftPunKonsole was taken down by the original author for Copyright Infringement concerns. I loved Malik’s UX work and wanted to keep some of his magic alive online, so I decided to rewire some of the assets to robotic voice and a Creative Commons free track in order to submit for the challenge.

Browser Requirement

Due to experimenting with the HTML5 Speech API, cutting edge version of Chrome is recommended to use this application. Please check out Canary from here:

How to

Use keyboard as shown on the app to play sound of word + spacebar for the background track. Top buttons are clickable or you could also use keys from 1 to 5 to control them. Notice that the HTML5 Speech synthesizer API causes a delay in event response, so it may not be as good as the original version.

Main Features

Bitcasa CloudFS for cloud-based storage

With Bitcasa's New Python SDK, it was easy to create a CDN of sharable content that could be the source of fun for social media sharing. The SDK made it much easier than writing my own glue code at request level.

In-Browser Music Collaboration

Using Bitcasa CloudFS to make it possible to share remix of music through a sequence of keystroke events, like a game replay, instead of exchanging media files. It also opens up possibility for remote collaboration on remixes.

HTML5 Audio Experiments

Experiment with HTML5 Speech Sytenshizer API and audio player to simulate the original effect of Daft Punk. I also included an experimental audio visualizer that could enable recording of the remix into MP3 before uploading it to Bitcasa Cloud. It is incomplete but definitely a possible direction down the road

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